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Recordings of music taken directly from the John Robichaux Orchestra collection at Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane University in New Orleans. Performed by the city's premier traditional jazx artists this recording re-creates the sound of the Crescent City's premier sociiety orchestra in the years preceding ragtime and the birth of jazz. A must listen for any serious jazz afficianado, this was the music that was the foundation upon which jazz was built.

Tunes - Brother Gardner's Cakewalk, Colonial Girl Waltzes, Festival Quadrille, At A Georgia Camp Meeting,   

Island Garden Schottische, Martha Washington Waltzes, Mississippi Rag, Nordica Schottische,   

Salutation Quadrille. 


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The New John Robichaux Orchestra

The classical European dance music that provided the building blocks for what was to become New Orleans Jazz. From the library of the pre-eminent Creole band master of the 1890's New Orleans, John Robichaux.