Hailed by historians, music lovers and fans of Americana, RIVERMAN! is a musical excursion through the life of "Buck" Mitchell, steamboat pilot. A multi-media presentation of sight, story, and song,  it transports young and old to an era of Pioneers and Patriots, with tales as timeless as " Old Man River " himself.
Through a series of original songs, carefully researched stories and
photographs, Tom Hook brings to light some of the most powerful and poignant events of the last century. A collection of tales both factual and fascinating, RIVERMAN! will leave you with your hands clapping and toes tapping, asking yourself, "Why didn't I learn about that in
school?" Tunes- Never Comin' Home, Yellowstone, Mandan Sunset, Caitlin Anne Quinn, Pilot's Song, Sultana's Bones, Capt. Leather's Chair, All Over Now

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